Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finishing, or almost finishing, another item

Another closer to being finished object! Although the neverending superlong wrap has been off the needles for a couple of weeks I never did the weaving or the blocking. Last night I decided to get out a needle and weave in all the dangling ends. There were lots of them, double strands. It was hard only because I was weaving double stranded black into black with a pattern and I didn't want to mess up the pattern. And I couldn't see the pattern; the light wasn't good enough. Or maybe my vision wasn't good enough. Now it's all ready for blocking. I have the wires and pins, I just need the time. Maybe Saturday?

I was going to felt the Temescal Bag last night but decided to use my washer to get my clothes clean instead. Imagine! I'll probably felt it this weekend. My, aren't I just piling up the projects. I have to keep reminding myself I'm running a half marathon on Sunday that will involve getting up very early. Which means that Sunday afternoon I'm going to be as useful as a fruit basket. Although not as decorative.

Yesterday morning before work I got up and did one of my exercise tapes. Yawn. I really don't like working out before work because I drag all day long. I do, however, very much like not having to exercise after work and I have all that extra time to nap knit.

I knit a couple of sections of the new Cider Moon chevron scarf. It's a four row repeat with just one row having a pattern, so it's pretty easy. Especially since I'm only using one skein of yarn. It's looking better and better as I knit, I'm just loving it.

We're having a weird weather pattern now. Normally it's dry as a bone here during the entire summer, especially drought-ish years like this one. Today there's a leftover storm front moving through from the south. It's overcast and humid and there's a possibility of rain, thunder and lightning. Cool! I love lightning, except when I'm running. Hopefully this will clear up before tonight's run.

I got my windshield replaced yesterday. They were supposed to fix it on Monday but forgot to schedule me. D'oh! So they rearranged their schedule to fit me in a day later. Very easy, the guy came out to the office and presto chango it's brand new. I was told to keep a window cracked (so to speak) for 24 hours; wouldn't you know it that this is the only day there's a possibility of rain? I'm keeping an eye on the weather because I might have to dash out and close it up.

Today's Gratuitous Bear of the Day is Monty. He's another Vermont Teddy Bear, a free one this time. VTB offers a credit card and the biggest benefit is that after one purchase anywhere using the card, they send you a bear. Sweet! Unlike their other bears this one comes naked, without even a bow tie. I had a bunch of beads around the house and they dressed him up very nicely. I've thought of knitting him a sweater but first I'll have to learn how to knit a sweater!

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