Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is this accurate?

I heard something on the morning news on the radio this morning that I'm having trouble believing. Partly because I can't find that bit of news anywhere else, but partly because it's ridiculous. Apparently the White House has instituted a dress code for visitors. For tourists, those just coming by for a tour, not those meeting with the President or staff. They can't wear this, can't wear that, no flip-flops, no miniskirts, no jeans. No jeans??? For most of my life the only thing I've worn is jeans. Jeesh, I got kicked out of high school one day because I was wearing jeans! [Aside to younger women who don't like "feminists" and think things have always been the way they are now: we had to fight to be able to wear any type of pants in school, then fight to be able to wear jeans. Which the boys were wearing all along. And no, I'm not a hundred years old!] There are jeans and there are jeans, and I can't believe that in the interest of beautification (?) or more likely misdirection of attention, our illustrious administration has proclaimed that it's back to the '50's in style and dress. Time to start looking like the Beav's mom again! Where did I put my pearls?

Anyway, last night Olivia and I ran together again. We're up to 4 miles (actually 4.05, thank you Mr. Garmin). We were looking for trail alternatives because of the closure of the trail where we normally run. We decided to stage further north, run south to the closure, then return with the grade and wind at our benefit. That worked out pretty well, and again we kicked butt. Our own, actually. I averaged 11:41/mile which is way too darn fast for this 12:30 miler. Yeah, I was huffing and puffing, especially on the first half where we had a strong headwind and an upgrade. I purposely slowed down the other direction but since the grade was down and the wind was behind us I went as fast with less effort. It was pretty warm too. I can already tell that it's getting later in the year, the sun was much lower by the end of our run.

I promised pictures from Tuesday's Stitch n Pitch and here they are. The first shows the view from our seats. We had a great angle but were way too high. Our seats were right under the speakers, and right under all the team flags that were cracking in the wind. It was very noisy up there.
The next picture is of the loot in the goodie bag, and the bag itself. I have doubles of a couple of things since not everyone with us is a knitter and passed along some of their stuff. We all got a set of huge needles, size 17 I think. Almost like bats. We got a super long crochet hook and superlong size 1 needles. I don't know what you'd want to knit on those. There were several different patterns, ranging from blankets to scarfs to sweaters, most using the 17 needles. There was a little cross stitch Giant's emblem, complete with embroidery floss. The last thing was a measuring tape/level with the Giants Stitch n Pitch emblem. It's pretty cute, but I'm not sure why we need a level for knitting. Or crochet. Or any fiber related work. Maybe to see if a needle is warped? To check and see if you've blocked something straight? I dunno, but it's still cute!

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