Monday, July 23, 2007

Busy reading weekend

Now for my full review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just kidding, I won't say anything because I'm sure most people didn't spend all Saturday evening and Sunday morning (and part of Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon) reading the book. Like I did. I actually finished it about 4pm-ish yesterday, and only stayed up until about midnight on Saturday. Like most of the books in the series it was a fast read. I'm not even going to say if I enjoyed it or thought it was good or worth reading because I'm not a spoil sport. Read it yourself and we can talk about it then.

That wasn't all I did this weekend, I managed to get in a 15+ mile run on Saturday morning. I met up with Sandy, Bree and Anita at the Lafayette staging area of the Lafayette-Moraga Trail nice and early. In the interest of keeping it slow and easy we decided to run:walk a 4:1. Ok, that may slow the total down but we tend to run the run parts faster since there's more recovery time. At the 5 mile mark Bree turned around since she didn't need the full mileage. Neither did Anita but she kept running with us anyway.

I had thought that the trail from end to end was at least 7.5 miles, easily giving us 15 on the round trip. Nope, it's more like 7.25 which wouldn't be enough. We needed at least 15 and 16 would have been better. So we had to keep running past the start, keep running past the parking lot, around the corner, and finally we hit 15 miles (thank you Mr. Garmin for giving us the correct mileage). After getting in our 15 we decided to walk at least another half mile or so as a cool down and also to get in just a little more time on our feet.

The weather was ok during the run. When we started it was overcast and about 60 degrees, with a pretty strong headwind. I kept saying that hopefully that would mean we'd have a tailwind on our return, and that actually happened. The overcast lasted until our return trip at about Moraga Commons so it was sunny, but still breezy, for five miles. It was close to 75 degrees when we left, pretty warm for long mileage but good training.

After the run I headed straight for Target to buy the book. I was worried that everywhere would be sold out but they had a gazillion copies. Sandy went to a different store, just in case either was sold out, but the books were apparently everywhere. I did a bunch of stuff around the house, then settled in with my book.

I was determined to get something done on Sunday in addition to reading the book and I was pretty productive. I cleaned house, did loads of laundry, started my filing, backed up my computer and read the Sunday paper.

I also got in some knitting on my Cider Moon scarf. It's coming along beautifully, although slowly. Very very slowly. I love how it looks and I'm not even sick of the pattern. A little more purling than I like but I'm managing. At the rate I'm going it'll be quite a while until I finish. Good thing I love the yarn!

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  1. Ooh, I can't wait to read the book! I'm glad to hear there isn't a shortage in the stores... I think that I'm going to re-read the last one before I tackle the new one!

    Glad to hear the run went well and that Mr. Garmin actually helped you out!