Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Typical summer weather

There's a high layer of fog, burning off as I look out my window. Yesterday got hot in the afternoon, and hardly cooled off by the time we ran. When I drove home from work it was about 92 degrees in Danville, but the wind had it cooled to only about 86 where I live. I figured the fog was moving in already and dressed for my run accordingly. I was wrong, it was still pretty warm in Danville when we met. In fact, it was about 82 degrees when we started running at 6:30 pm. Toasty for an evening run!

Pam and I ran our modified short short run, now clocking in at 3.5 miles. I was happy that my legs haven't felt any pain from the long run on Saturday, but I was a bit tired. We made good time, chatting the whole way, and finished our run before we ran out of conversation. Hmmm, does that mean we'll have to increase our run length so we can complete our talking?

Tonight is the Giants' Stitch n Pitch game that we've been planning for since April. There's a big group of us going again, many of us meeting for dinner before the game. I couldn't decide what to wear; I hate freezing in the City in the evening but I was pretty warm in my house this morning and I know my office gets warm, plus I was afraid that the fog would burn off early and it'd be hot in the WC. I finally put on a sleeveless top, with a long sleeved sweater, and threw a jacket in the car to take with me. I have my hat that I knit for the game last year, and my knitting, so I'm all set! I wonder if I should have brought gloves too. And maybe closed shoes instead of sandals. Oh well, if I'm that freezing tonight I'll just have to leave early.

The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is another twofer, and guest bears at that. I bought Pinkerton for my mom back when I bought my own Red Bear. I thought she really needed a bear. Of course, I think everyone needs a bear. Or many. In a case of not seeing the same thing in the same way, she thinks the bear is pink, I think he's red. Thus our difference in naming. In this picture he looks more orange than he really is. I bought Patches for her when she was in the hospital after a hip replacement. She was alone in San Diego, even though my bro and I flew in to see her, and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her. She's been very happy with her bears and I'm happy to see them when I visit her.

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