Monday, July 9, 2007

It's hot and I'm wearing it

Owie. As I got out of my car this morning I managed to spill my stillveryhot latte down my front. That's down my front from my face, neck, onto my new (luckily black) shirt. A couple of ounces worth. Ouch.

Saturday morning we (Sandy, Anita, Bree and I) ran at Inspiration Point. After the sizzling heat of last week I had put out a tank top and shorts the night before. When I grabbed my newspaper at 6:00 am I realized it was overcast and cool out, but it looked like it was clearing. I'm glad I decided to change and I put on a short sleeved top. Good thing, it was cool, windy, foggy, drizzly up at IP. Did I mention windy? Oy. Everyone who has run there knows that the trail is uphill both directions. I know, that sounds impossible but give it a try, it really is. Well, we also had a head wind both directions. And cows. Right on the trail, popping out of the fog right into our faces. Look, is that a cow? Uh, no, that's a bush. No, a cow. Like that. There was one tree down across Wildcat Canyon going up to IP and another tree down across the trail. I hope the cyclists had their eyes open because otherwise they'd end up flying.

We managed the entire 8 miles even though there was some walking involved at the 4 mile hill and a couple of heavily windy spots on the way back. I was soaking wet, mostly because of the heavy fog and dripping trees. Very strange to get in my car and turn on the seat heater after I've been blasting the air conditioner for the past week. I was very happy to get home and take a hot shower.

Claudia's and Rocky's wedding celebration was Saturday night. What a fabulous party! It was a Hawaiian theme, complete with hula dancers and roast pig. Entire pig, with pretty little ribbons in it's ears. Betsy was pretty cute and very tasty. I tend to not eat anything that cute that I've nicknamed, but I made an exception. Yum. Also yum were the beautifully decorated carrot cake cupcakes, complete with white chocolate shells on top. I could have eaten several of those but I restrained myself and only had one.

After everyone stuffed themselves like pigs (sorry Betsy) Jeanette's band played. East Bay Mudd is a great dance band and so we all danced. Seriously, you have to go hear this band, they're that good. They played for a couple of hours and then it was time to go home to bed. For some of us, hmmm??? I hear rumors that some people went out and did a little more partying. I just don't have that type of energy any more, especially when I've gotten up at 5:30 am to run.

Sunday I met Petra at the Oakland Coliseum (whatever brand it's called now) for a A's game. It was a promo day, listed as Build-A-Bear day. Of course I couldn't miss that! Turned out the give-away was a stuffed Stomper. Very cute stuffie (even if it isn't a bear; I just HAVE to find a local pro team with a bear for a mascot). Depending on where you sat at the game it was either broiling hot or chilly cool. We were in the hot spot, fabulous seats, seven rows back from the field. As close as we were, we were on the wrong side of the field to see the fight. Yeah, there was a bump and a push and a shove and a look and they all ran out and sheesh. Grow up. Anyway, it didn't do the A's any good as they ended up losing. We left during the 7th inning stretch because we were broiled and feeling as roasted as Betsy. The nice thing was that we missed the crush going to BART and I was able to get my own seat.

Lots of knitting happened this weekend, mostly involving my incredibly gorgeous new Cider Moon yarn. I'll write more about that tomorrow.


  1. Yep, I'll own up to it... I'm "some people." The early morning, long day and previous partying caught up with us though so we weren't out too late :D

  2. doh! i missed out on the stuffed stomper!! great job on the run!