Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stitch n Pitch night at the Giants

Yawn! I'm not used to getting home after 11 pm on a work night. And then not getting to bed until midnight. I don't think this is approved training for a marathon, even without mention of the beer.

A bunch of us in our runner/knitter group met up, BARTed over to the City, MUNI'd to the ballpark and went to an early dinner at Primo Patio. We started with a pitcher of Buli-Buli – a cool refreshing Cuban cocktail of beer, fresh lime juice, sugar & ice (yeah, that's a direct quote). I had a catfish sandwich which was wonderful, and the fries disappeared as if someone else was snatching them from my plate. After this great meal we wandered back to Current Telephone Company's Name Park.

I'll have pictures of the SnP goodie bag tomorrow, after I have a chance to load them on the computer. Too late last night! The game was disappointing. Slugger Bonds is closing in on an all-time record, it was his birthday, and the team is playing really poorly. We left around the 8th inning since we had to trudge back to the East Bay and apparently missed an entire game's worth of action. In the ninth the Giants caught up, the game went into extra innings, and there was hope they'd actually pull one through. Too bad, they didn't. Meanwhile we were packed like sardines on MUNI and waiting for our BART train.

That's it for today, I'm too tired to say anything else interesting!

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