Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I left my legs in San Francisco (sing it with me)

At least it felt that way last night when Pam and I started running. We ran our new short route, about 3.5 miles, and at least at the beginning I was just dragging. Nothing hurt, nothing sore, just low energy. Even though I took it relatively easy on Sunday apparently the 13.1 hilly miles had an effect on my legs. Go figure!

I did a little bit of knitting this weekend on my Cider Moon scarf but decided that I needed to get back to finishing some other things too. I decided that my multidirectional diagonal scarf was long enough and I should just complete the last triangle. I did that, and after one little mistake that caused me to unknit several rows I finished the thing, wove in the ends, done! For the record, I used almost 4 complete skeins of Noro Silk Garden, color 243. I had bought a close-out bag of 10 skeins at Stitches in February since it was darn cheap; I think I'll make a hat out of another skein and see if Anita still wants to buy the rest. I knit the scarf on size 8 wooden needles, actually dpn's that I stuck point protectors on one end. It was handy when I put the project aside to take the protector off one needle and stick it on the working needle to keep the stitches in place.

I love Noro yarn, but I hate Noro yarn. The colors are unbelievably wonderful but I get very annoyed with the whole just-started-a-skein and then I find-a-knot-in-the-yarn and there's the-same-color-repeating-over-and-over business. I usually just shrug and say that's part of the whole Noro mystique, but c'mon now, 3 knots and color repeats in a small skein is overdoing it. No, it won't stop me from using Noro again. Another problem is my skin gets really irritated by the rough yarn and no, I won't be giving this scarf away because of it. I'll just make sure when I wear it that it doesn't touch much skin.

The Cider Moon scarf is coming along beautifully. Inch by little inch, and I love it more every time I work on it. I'm glad I got the second skein in the same color since I'll need it. I think I'll do what they suggest and toward the end of the first skein I'll work in the second skein for a couple of inches in case there's some color variation. It doesn't look like there is, but I don't need to take chances. If you haven't bought any Cider Moon yarn yet, rush over there and do it. The yarn is just that nice!

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