Thursday, July 12, 2007

Technology stinks, part 2. Or is it part 3?

It wasn't easy getting out of bed this morning and after I finally did I had to convince myself I couldn't go directly back again. Ever had one of those mornings where everything is just not *right*? Everything just feels a little off, a little wrong, a little different. Just enough to ruin how you feel. Hi, welcome to my crankyland. Enjoy your visit, hope I'm not here for a long stay.

After work yesterday I ran with Olivia. I was having major Garmin issues. Enough that I'm not even going to link to them because the damn thing drove me crazy. Our staging area in Danville is kind of a dead zone. I have cell phone issues there and wasn't surprised that the Garmin can't locate a satellite. After all, cell towers and satellites are the same thing, right? Uh huh. We ran on the trail and the device slipped in and out of reception range. Funny, for part of the time Olivia's had reception while mine didn't. And we were running side by side.

We only ran about 2.7 miles (or, 1 .3 miles according to my Garmin) but we each seemed to be in a hurry about it. As if we were racing. My legs have got to learn that the rest of my body can't catch up when I'm going that fast. I was tired when we finished. After 2.7 miles. Yikes.

We saw a guy I knew after our run and he asked how far we'd run; here we are looking exhausted and drippy as if we'd been running for hours. This is the speedy guy who actually wins races asking. So I told him we'd run about 3 miles. He couldn't believe we'd had such a short run, that we'd even bothered. I just said that when you're running 12 minute miles that 3 miles isn't that short.

They've erected barriers at the trails for construction work they're going to be doing for the next month. We're going to have to find another place for our runs, maybe the route Pam and I use, maybe the street route, maybe just along the main street until we get to the open part of the trail. We'll worry about that next week.

After I got home I decided to download (or is it upload) the Garmin misinformation to my computer. It didn't recognize my device. Tried again. Again. Againagainagainagain. Cripes! I had recently installed an upgraded version of their software, so I uninstalled it, re-downloaded it and reinstalled it. Still didn't recognize it. Downloaded new device software. Still didn't etc. Rebooted my computer. Again. And again. Finally it worked, magically. For no special reason I could ascertain. Updated the device, everything is working. We'll see if tonight it works. I'm not bothering to cross my fingers.

Ok, time to stop, smell the flowers, start the morning over without all the crankiness. How can I be grumpy looking at such peony loveliness? They finished blooming early last month but at least we can still look at them and feel better.

I knit a couple more repeats on my Cider Moon scarf last night. Still lovin it!


  1. :o( sorry you are having a hard time with your watch :O(

    I haven't had any problems yet so maybe it'll get better

  2. It's still getting hard to find places that aren't touched by satellites any more. Just wait a couple of years.