Friday, July 6, 2007

Feeling hot hot hot

Yesterday the mercury hit about as high as it ever does, the low 100's. Whew hot. Hot enough that Pam and I canceled our run for last night. No sense in trying to run while it's still 100 degrees and sunny outside, we'd have ended up distressed and walking. So I ran on my treadmill did no exercise because my house was too warm, even with the a/c on. I don't like having a gazillion dollar PG&E bill so I don't cool it lower than mid-80's. My exercise room is usually several degrees warmer than the rest of the house. So I bagged the workout.

I knit instead. I'm almost done with the straps on the Temescal Bag. I used up the last of one of the colors and the second strap may end up being three colors instead of the two on the other strap. It's ok, I'm liking how the colors all go together. Maybe I'll finish knitting it this weekend.

Remember my car got hit by a rock which cracked the windshield? I had decided that since the hole/crack was above my line of sight I could just ignore it for a bit until I had more time. Ended up being a baaaaaaaad decision. After work yesterday I went out and got in my car and was astounded that the small, quarter-sized cracks had extended from one side of the windshield to the other! All the freaking way across! Dang! Unknown to me, great heat (and great cold) will do that. Since it was about 103 in our parking lot crrrrr-aaaaackkk! Luckily I did not raise my deductible on the comprehensive like I thought I had, so it will only cost me $50. The glass company will come out to my office next week and fix it "just like new." It had better be, since the surrounding car is "just like new."

Big busy weekend ahead. Hopefully it'll cool down some here in the valley, otherwise I'll just want to spend the whole time in a cold shower. Have a great weekend!

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