Friday, July 13, 2007


That's what I call it when I cruise onto my email in the morning and find a missive from Cider Moon, my new favoritest yarn provider, and hear they're having a sale starting tomorrow. La la la la la I can't hearrrrr you. I need to cover my eyes and ears and pretend that I didn't get this. It's severely weakening my resolve to not buy any yarn at all until Stitches next month. Maybe I should just delete that email. Or maybe I should just check their website tomorrow, to look around and window shop. Yeah, that's it! Window shop! I don't need to buy anything, just look at pretty pictures.

Speaking of next month: so here we are, going to Chicago. The whole weekend was planned out, very little spare time. We'd get in Friday night, go to the open house at the LYS. Saturday we'd go to the race expo first thing in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast. Train over to Stitches and spend the rest of the day there. Sunday I'd get up early early and run the Chicago Distance Classic while Petra hangs out and plays with all her new yarn. Sunday afternoon we'd -- well actually we hadn't planned Sunday afternoon yet but we'd probably tour the city, maybe go shopping. So I get an email that Saturday night is the local Stitch n Pitch game! Chicago White Sox vs. Mariners, tickets still available. It doesn't seem like they're doing a goody bag, but hey, a Stitch n Pitch in another city! During our knitting weekend! I'll be ordering tix very soon. Sunday race start at 6:30 am is going to feel very very early. After carbo loading on beer.

I mentioned that the Iron Horse Trail where we run was closing the parts in Danville for a month for reconstruction. Pam and I normally just run about a mile of our regular run on the trail, but last night it was shut down. Our run went well, we ran on the street instead of the trail, adding a little distance. The pain in the neck part was just getting to our staging area. Danville has this Summer Nights celebration on Thursday nights (maybe every other Thursday?) throughout the summer. Every jackass person with a loud motorcycle or a "hot" car, and apparently the entire citizenry of Danville zooms over to the downtown area to look at -- I dunno, cars? Other Danvillians? I haven't seen such bad and rude driving in a very long time.

We decided for the next couple of months we'll stage in another area. That meant going home and mapping out a route to make sure we get enough mileage in. We'll be back to running the hill that was in our long-ago route, only this time we'll run up and down and go back the way we came so that we avoid the entire downtown area. It'll be a good workout too, hills are our friends. Keep repeating that!

My Garmin actually worked last night, whatdaya know! I turned it on when I left my house so apparently it found a satellite while I was stuck in traffic on the freeway. I was also able to get the information onto my computer after I got home. It was lovely not cussing and hollering all night. I need to decide whether I'm using it during the race on Sunday. I may just wear it with my regular watch on my other wrist so that I can have my countdown timers. Looks dumb, but whatever.

I'm planning on being very busy tomorrow since I'll be getting up on Sunday at about 4:30 am. Yow! Add in a challenging half marathon and we all know what I'll be doing Sunday afternoon. Uh huh, napping. Or reading. Or knitting. Or all of those. So tomorrow I need to get all my regular chores done.

Have a happy Friday the 13th and a great weekend!


  1. stop writing about cider moon...i keep skipping over the link and have yet to go look at it...MUST NOT BUY anymore yarn :o(