Friday, October 19, 2007

Yawn. And, yawn.

Tonight I'm absolutely positively certainly not going anywhere. Ditto for Saturday night. Although I well remember those long ago days of yore when I went out drinking and dancing almost every single day of the week until 2 am and then went to work by 8 am, I can't do that anymore. Shoot, I drag during the day if I stay up reading past 11 pm. So after two nights out in the big city I'm wiped.

After work yesterday I met Anita and Olivia and BARTed into the City again. Jeanette rode with us and we surprisingly met Raji on our way. We went to the race expo (which I'll report about during my race report), drank some free wine, went shopping at Niketown, drank some more free wine, then Anita, Olivia and I met Claudia and Rocky for dinner at the Daily Grill. We had a good, leisurely meal (there's a fine line between leisure and bad service) then BARTed back home again. I made it home just a bit earlier than the night before, about 10:20.

The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is another Halloween Bear. He's a cutie with his Casper hoodie and matching trick-or-treat bag. This is little Boo Ghost Bear.

Good luck to everyone running the Nike Marathon or Half Marathon this weekend. And even though I'm not an active member, GO TEAM! East Bay ROCKS!

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