Wednesday, October 3, 2007

At the limit

I got on the freeway today, later than usual, and it was empty. No, really. Normally the traffic isn't too horribly bad at Crow Canyon but then it slows (to a stop) at Sycamore and throughout Danville and Alamo. Today there was nobody behind me for at least a mile, probably a couple of miles. Nobody ahead for a mile. Not even any slowing until Alamo and that was just to the legal limit. Niiiice! I fully intended to get to work a half hour later than normal (since I'll be working an hour later than normal) and instead I was almost on time.

My home computer has been having issues for the last few months because it's full. When I bought it a couple of years ago I had no idea that between music and pictures I'd fill it right up. Over the weekend it wouldn't boot, telling me there wasn't any drive. Yikes! Over and over until finally I did something inexplicable and magic and it started. I did maintenance but the fact remained that I only have 6% empty space. I figured my options were to move all the pix and music to an external drive or buy a new computer. I priced out PCs and Apples and wasn't happy with either solution for various and assorted reasons. So last night I transferred all the bulky stuff to an external drive that I'd been using for backups, defragged the drive and it should all be happy schmappy. Until the next time.

I finished my red Point Lobos Hat last night. Whoops, it was supposed to be my traveling project. So I picked out another color of Malabrigo and wound it up to take to Portland. I'd show pictures of the hat but for some reason I just couldn't photograph it. Maybe it was the color, maybe the light. I'll try again some time in natural light but I don't think it'll work. It looks like the top right corner, except in a variegated red/burgundy/pink/white and a little bigger. For this hat I went up to a size 8 needle (7 was recommended and how I knit the first one) but I didn't increase the number of rows. I like how it turned out, looser, less skull-cappish. I'd like it longer so the next one I'll do one additional repeat of the pattern. This hat is way too much fun to knit, easy to do and the results are beautiful. I'm thrilled that we got these cards at the game!

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