Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where did our October go?

I'm used to October in the Bay Area being our best month of the year. We have one final spurt of summer weather, the leaves are turning color, nothing nasty is blooming and causing allergy problems, the air is clear of pollutants. But this year it's cool, even downright cold at night. And it's raining. I know you're not supposed to complain about rain when we're facing a drought but c'mon, it's only October! We have all winter for wet weather!

I ran around after work yesterday trying to find a washer/o-ring thingie to fix my drippy shower. At Ace my helpful hardware man told me that the round o-ring would substitute perfectly for the flatter o-ring. Okey dokey, I'll give it a try. If it didn't work I'd only be out a dollar.

It didn't work. Apparently it isn't a leaky seal, the drip is coming from farther back. Like, in the wall somewhere. And it's not getting any better by itself. I don't even think that getting a new shower head will work, which was a suggestion from a handy friend. Crapola, it looks like I'm going to need to call a plumber. Which means I'll have to take time off work for them to fix it. I have hideous visions of them having to break up the wall to fix it. ::shudder::

I haven't run since Sunday and I doubt I'll run again until next Sunday (and yes I'm feeling like a slug). Too much going on, busy week for me. I wouldn't mind if all the stuff going on involved sleep but apparently sleep is not in the picture. Oh whine whine, right? I figure I'll sleep in December after all these races and travel are over! I mean late December since apparently we're going to add one more race to the schedule.

My favorite crack dealers vendors (Vermont Teddy Bear Company) sent me an email with 15% off any Bear-Gram for Sweetest Day. I'd have ignored it because I don't celebrate Sweetest Day, but it featured my absolutely favorite bear (well, favorite bear that I don't actually OWN yet). I think their Sweetheart Bear is the prettiest little thing and she's wearing a red dress that would look fabulous in my house. I'm trying hard to resist. Must ... try ... harder .... don't ... need ... more ... bears ... too ... cute ... to ... oh ... stop ... me ... now ... where's ... my ... credit ... card ... ....

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  1. It's pointless to resist Amy... just give in. At least, that's what I tell myself when I'm thinking about cake, or ice cream :D