Monday, October 29, 2007

A ten year old's imagination

Is he Naruto?

Is he Guitar Hero?

Maybe a little of both?

Or just a goofy kid who loves to play around?

My nephew's birthday was this weekend and as has become our tradition, the two of us went shopping together for his present. He always decides ahead of time what he wants. And always changes his mind when we get to the store. It's tons of fun for both of us. He tries to get everything possible past Auntie Amy and I just keep putting things back on the shelf when he turns his back. This year he planned to get a skateboard thingie with helmet and wrist protectors but when he saw Guitar Hero III on the shelf he just had to have it. And the secret spy camera.

I had a good weekend, full of family and food. Lots and lots of both. Maybe just a little too much of both. I could use an extra day to fast and sleep but that's not happening any time soon. Throughout the weekend I had sushi (twice), Indian food, Japanese fusion small plates, pizza, hot sake, cold sake, vodka, beer, yikes! No wonder I'm feeling a bit queasy.

Saturday morning I ran on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail with Bree and Pam. We had an easy 6 miler in very nice cool weather. None of us felt like pushing although my feet kept speeding up on the return miles. They made me run in back since I started going too fast. Funny, I'm normally the pokey person.

I only got a little knitting done this weekend, on the Opera Scarf. I'm adding a tag for that, I have a feeling I'll be knitting it for quite a while. I like it and it's really an easy pattern. And yes, the pattern I'm doing is definitely a 2 row repeat, although the current pattern online only is 1. The big difference is the cast-on stitches; mine is an even number and the current pattern is odd. Too bad I already had a few inches complete or I would have used the current pattern. Next time?

My little bear is almost here. Her journey has taken her all over the country and she's seen way more of the east coast than I have. She started in Williston, VT; to Chelmsford, MA; then Stratford, CT; Philadelphia, PA; San Jose, CA; Oakland, CA; San Ramon, CA. She left San Ramon just about the same time I did this morning but I made it to the office much quicker than she will. I'll bet she's on the 5:00 pm delivery truck so I won't see her until tomorrow. Which gives me even more time to discover what her name will be!

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