Friday, October 5, 2007

Portland bound

I'm all packed and ready to go, boarding pass in hand. I'm feeling my usual antsy pre-trip anxiety, all buzzed up and ... I get to sit at my desk and work for hours. In a way I'm glad I didn't have to catch a dawn flight but this waiting and worrying may be worse.

Packing went better than normal so I think I must have forgotten something. I have my little list but I'm always afraid I won't have some mysterious thing. You'd think I was going off to the wilds of, umm, Norunnersville or something. It's not like anything I don't have can't be replaced when I get there. The most important thing is my shoes and orthotics which are on my feet. I'd have to leave them at the airport security checkpoint and continue my trip barefoot which is unlikely even for me. So why do I have this paranoid fear that I won't have something essential for the race? I think it's probably race fear displacement which is just plain silly.

Last night I picked up the Cider Moon chevron scarf and decided there wasn't enough left to take with me. I knit a few repeats and realized that the little amount of yarn left is going a long way. I'm still leaving it at home to finish it because it's a little bulky now, so I wound (yet) another skein of Malabrigo so I can knit two Point Lobos hats while I gone. What, I think I'm spending all weekend knitting??

The Gratuitous Bear(s) of the Day are a couple of tiny little Halloween Bears, about three inches tall. A little witch bear and little pumpkin bear. I like these wittle bitty bears because they don't take up any room and don't get dusty!

Have a great weekend. I'll post Tuesday after I return!