Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get some sleep and be nicer

Another recent study has determined that lack of sleep can make you cranky. NO! Say it's not true! Heh. I could have told you that, without doing a very fancy brain imaging study. I only have to look at myself and just about every member of my family (not to mention some of my friends) to show that emotional imbalances are highly exaggerated after a sleepless night. Or several sleepless nights. And yes, I do realize that this study was showing why these results occurred. I'm glad for these studies because otherwise my sis would have to find another line of work and she likes what she does. Note to researchers: instead of concentrating your studies on the results of sleeplessness, pretty please do some research on how I can sleep better. You do not want my cranky butt coming after you!

The fires continue raging through Southern California. I'm keeping a close eye on them, hoping the San Diego fires don't head toward the coastal hills. Yes, it would solve the issue of my mom's having to pack when she moves but we still don't want that. Again, my heart goes out to those who have lost their home and possessions. The forecast is for the winds to switch tomorrow and that will help get a handle on some of the fires. I'm so relieved that we don't have our own local firestorms.

I'm starting to get excited about New York, doing pre-pre-planning. My brain is busy (at night, when it's supposed to be trying to fall asleep) deciding what to take, what to wear, what to do. Of course when I wake up I've totally forgotten what I've decided, so I do it again the next night. Very productive use of my insomnia. Like counting sheep, but I'm counting miles.

Bree and I are going back and forth about our race strategy. On the one hand we'd both love to finish under six hours. On the other hand we'd really like to have a good time out there. We're thinking of carrying cameras and taking pictures every mile. I think if we did that there's no way we'd finish under 6:30; Bree thinks it would only add about 13 minutes to our total time. I've always wanted to take pictures along the way in a race but I'm afraid that by about mile 18 I'd want to chuck the camera at the crowd and just plod on for the remainder of the course. I like my camera and don't want it either tossed or sweated into a moist ruin.

The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is Witch Bear. It's hard in this picture to see her complete costume. She has high heeled, pointy toed black boots, a lovely cape over her dress and the pointy black hat. She's carrying a trick or treat bag that matches her outfit. Very cute and not at all scary!

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  1. definitely take pictures! if you want to toss the camera, i'll catch it for you! One more week till NYC!