Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Countdown to rain -- I mean race

I really shouldn't ever look at forecasts for a race weekend until it's time to pack. It just makes me nervous. Here I am with my toes not yet healed (although not painful) and it looks like there's a very good chance that we'll be hoofing it through the marathon in wet weather. Again. I really don't mind a little rain, I just am totally paranoid now about puddles and soaked feet. At least the temps look good for running, mid-40's to mid-60's. And overcast would be great. Hey Mother Nature: please keep it dry!

Pam and I had a good short short route run last night. It's now pitch black for our last half mile so headlamps are very important. The one I bought and used in Erie is dead; I guess six hours of downpouring rain was bad for the electronics. Go figure. And the other little clip-on one that I bought for the race (just in case I didn't like the other one), I can't get adjusted to shine on the pavement. I wore one of my old lights last night and it's very dim and at the least probably needs fresh batteries. I'm seeing a pattern here, maybe something is telling me not to run in the dark? Naw, probably just telling me to get a new light.

Now that's it's almost Halloween I'll bring out my little Halloween bears one by one. I got this set of bears at, of all places, Costco. They all have little trick or treat bags and somewhat removable outfits. The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is Pumpkin Bear.

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