Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dress like a girl

Last night was the Marine Mammal Center Annual Gala. My boss always gets a table there and invites our employees to fill it up. This year since he was out of town we had even more seats to fill. New employee Jeanette and her hubby were coming so we decided to invite Claudia and her hubby too. Y'know, 'cause they're always ready at the last minute to dress to the nines and party. Heh.

The day before Jeanette and I went shopping for dress-up clothes since, uh, we didn't like what was in our closets. Yeah, that's it. Nothin' to do with how those old clothes fit, it was we just didn't like them. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Amazingly enough we both found pretty dresses, and shoes too. Add in the cost of the parking ticket we got and we still both got amazing deals.

It was one thing wearing that dress in the dressing room of Ross and another wearing it in public. We were leaving straight from work so I changed in my office. And I didn't want to leave it. Oddly I just was very uncomfortable showing that much skin. I'll wear running shorts and a tank top with no problem but a low cut halter dress that came almost to my ankles seemed too revealing. Go figure.

A few of us BARTed over to San Francisco (after I had to get a new ticket because my old one was demagnetized) and arrived right at the start of cocktail hour. Waiters were walking around passing out cosmos and tequila sunrises, along with champagne and wine. None of us were drinking since we have a race this week. I took a cosmo because I've never been known to pass up a pretty red drink. Yum. Waiters were also carrying trays with teensie tiny appetizers but good luck trying to grab any. The couple I managed to get were very good. And it was amazing how after two cosmos I started feeling more comfortable in that dress. We took lots of pictures which are still in my camera, so I'll post them after I get around to being home long enough to do it.

The rest of our party arrived and then it was dinner time. I've been to a couple of Galas in previous years and I'm sorry to say this one paled by comparison. The setting is gorgeous but the food was nowhere near as good as it has been. The speeches weren't too bad but the auction dragged on interminably. And there was no dessert table as in years past! The nerve of them! Finally Claudia and her hubby offered a few of us rides over to BART in Oakland so we left.

I finally got home some time after 11pm. Too late for a work night! I scrambled around getting stuff ready for the morning and then tried to go to sleep. We know that old story, of course I didn't sleep well.

I'm still trying to avoid the lure of that bear ...


  1. Oooh la la, Amy in a low cut halter dres!! Even the the gala wasn't the best one you've been too, I'm sure it was MUCH more fun than our usual Wednesday night runs!

  2. You looked very very PRETTY, Ms. Amy :o) THANK YOU again for inviting Rocky and I. We of course have nothing to compare it to, we had a great time and loved the yummy food.