Thursday, October 4, 2007

Slippery little thing, ow

When I'm training for a marathon (which as we all know is most of the time) I'm very overprotective of my feet. Things like if I open a freezer I step back so that nothing hard and frozen can fall on my foot. I try to wear the correct shoes all day long, socks (if any) without seams, I keep the nails short and callouses trimmed down. In the week before a race I'm even scared to walk barefoot around the house in case I walk into something (not an unusual occurrence in my life, believe me). So I was very displeased this morning when I finished showering, went to squeegee down the walls and the slippery squeegee flew out of my hand and slammed into the top of my foot. Immediately a welt showed up and within minutes it turned black and blue. And swollen. Crap. NOT the way to start the day. Not the way to start the day even if it wasn't 3 days before a marathon [and a rainy one at that; thanks buckets Mother Nature].

Olivia and I had a good run last night on the Iron Horse, despite me. I really wasn't in the mood and I'm afraid I did too much whining out loud (as opposed the the normal whining I try to restrain inside my head). If she had agreed I would totally have walked back after the turnaround but even my whimpers of "but I'm running a marathon in a few days" wouldn't sway her. "If it was anyone but YOU I'd agree" she said. Hmmph. That'll teach me to tell all my friends how many marathons I'm running this year. Heh heh.

I started knitting a new hat last night, just a cast-on and knitting a couple of rows. This one I'm definitely saving for travel. But I decided I was going to take my Cider Moon scarf too and try to finish it. It's so very close, maybe just 3-4 repeats and the final edge, then weaving in ends and blocking. With all this knitting you'd think I was taking a 4 hour plane flight instead of just to Portland and back. Hopefully I'll actually have time to knit. I've already decided which LYS I'm going to.

The last GBotD was this one:
When I came into work the other day I found this cute little bear statue on my desk:
Thank you Jeanette! Little Pumpkin bears should always stick together!

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