Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finished object and it's not a hat

In addition to all that running and running around last weekend I finished my Cider Moon chevron scarf. Yay and yippee! I just love how this came out, both the yarn and the pattern. For the record, I used 2 skeins of Glacier in Cherry Bomb, a color that must have been designed specifically for me with the lovely reds and blacks. Right! For those who don't know, Glacier is 100% superwash merino wool, approximately 253 yards per skein. The pattern was from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. It's an easy pattern and maybe if I knit constantly I could have knit it "last-minute" but I'm much slower than that. The pattern calls for alternating two colors of KPPPM but there was so much shading in this yarn that I didn't feel I needed to combine anything else. I used my number 7 Options needles and that was a good choice. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire project.

Cider Moon is closed down now, for some unexplained legal reason. I hope they're able to settle it because I just adore the yarn. Good luck guys, hope you're back in business soon! Meanwhile I'll probably start another chevron scarf with a couple of different skeins of Glacier that I have in my stash.

I've also been knitting away on my fourth Point Lobos Hat. I think I'll probably knit just one more, and I'll wait until my New York trip for that one. It's a perfect plane project. Funny how now that it's cooler I want hats and scarves and mitts!

I had a homeowners nightmare weekend; everything in my house is falling apart and I don't really have time to fix it. Without even talking about my oven, it seems that things break and I just work around them. That wasn't an option this time. My neighbor stopped me and told me one of my backyard sprinklers was shooting water straight up in the air. I checked and it was actually a hole in my drip system. Instead of watering the roots of my maple tree it was watering the canopy, about 30 feet straight up. Since I also have a non-working sprinkler head in the back and a broken one in the front I bought some stuff to fix it. Then I realized that my solution probably wouldn't work in the front and I was too tired to fix the one in back. So now those watering stations are off. I may end up fixing the drip system with duct tape but that won't work for the other two broken parts.

My showerhead started dripping Saturday night. I figured it needed a new washer, simple to replace. Wrong-o! I went to OSH where the commercials tell you how helpful the employees are and not so much. The elderly gentleman did exactly what I had done, looked through the exactly same shelves and exact same racks and couldn't find the correct o-ring. Or rubber washer. Or whatever it's called. He said they didn't have it. I asked if they didn't have it, or he couldn't find it and he looked at me as if I took the title in the Ms. Meany contest for the day. Sigh. So I went to Home Depot. Figuring that a hardware store covering six square miles must have the part. Wrong and wrong again! When I finally tracked down an employee I was told "get back in your car, drive over to Bollinger and Alcosta ..." and I interrupted him to say I'd already been to OSH. He apologized and said to maybe try Yardbirds or Ace. Darn. I put the washer back in the showerhead and it was fine until I showered this morning, now it's dripping even worse. Guess what I'm doing after work today?

I need someone to stay home and take care of the maintenance on my house. Anyone know a good handyman?

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  1. Urg... I have the drippy showerhead problem too :( My dad said it's something inside the shower... too complicated for me. Until I give in a call the landlord I'll just have to put up with the dripping :(