Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking back at 2007

Happy New Year! Every good year deserves a list. Here's what I did in 2007:

Marathons run: 7
(Shamrock, Avenue, Rock 'n' Roll, Erie, Portland, New York, Rocket City)
Marathons run under 6 hours: 6
(Shamrock, Avenue, RnR, Erie, Portland, Rocket City)
Marathons where I fell on my face: 1
(New York)
Marathons run in the pouring rain: 1
Marathons I ran with someone: 2
(Portland and NY with Bree)
Seasons with Team in Training: 1
(Spring, including Avenue and RnR)
Half Marathons run: 6
(Mercedes, Jungle Run, San Francisco, Chicago, Rock 'n' Roll, Nike)
Short races: 3
(Shamrock 8k, Run San Ramon, Bah Humbug)
Races I registered for and spent the morning coughing out my guts instead of running: 1
(Kaiser San Francisco Half)
Fastest race: Bah Humbug
(11:25 average)
Slowest race: New York City Marathon
(14:40 average)
States visited: 7
(TN, AL, VA, IL, PA, NY, AL)
Yarn shows attended: 3
(Stitches West, Stitches Mid-West, CGOA Knit Show)
Money spent on luxury yarn and needles: $Ihavenoidea; itsalot)
Other cities where I visited local yarn shops: 7
(Nashville, Birmingham, Chicago, Erie, Portland, New York, Huntsville)
Hats knit: many
Scarves knit: lots
Clapotis finished: 1
Temescal Bags knit: 3 (?)
Other items finished knitting: Uh, I'm not sure. Who's counting?
Blog posts: 233
Bears purchased: I'm not telling, it's embarrassing
Times I deep cleaned my house: none
Times I surface cleaned my house: enough
Weight lost: 10 pounds
Weight gained: that 10 pounds and a few extra
Dates: yeah, right
Movies seen in a theater: I think it's 0
Books read: dozens and dozens
Jobs: 1 (this hasn't changed for 18 years)
Earthquakes felt: 2
Resolutions for 2008: 1
(Try a tri) (which involves getting back in shape)

I guess it was a busy year; no wonder I'm tired! I've enjoyed my "time off" for the past few weeks and I'm hoping my knee and the weather cooperate with starting back in with training. I have a few more days of sloth resting and after the weekend I'll be back to it!

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