Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where'd she go?

In the next few days you'll probably start to wonder why I'm not posting. It's because tomorrow morning I'll be winging my way down to SoCal to stay with my mom for a while.

Mom is trying to move to the Bay Area, specifically to a huge retirement community here. She's finally in escrow to sell her house in SoCal and needs a place up here pdq. She came up Thursday to see if anything new has come on the market and found one possibility. Not a great one, but a possible one since it's crunch time (as her local real estate agent has said) (over and over again) (annoyingly). Friday afternoon just before returning to SoCal she made one last visit to the house. And fell.

It seemed that she had only gotten bruised and scraped so she was taken to the airport and put on a plane. As time went on she felt worse and worse until she got home and realized she needed medical attention. She drove herself to the nearest emergency room and was diagnosed with a broken left elbow. Owie owie. As I type she's in surgery to stick a pin in it.

She'll probably be released from the hospital tomorrow and since she lives alone and won't be able to care for herself, at least for a while, I'll be her helping hands. I'm very sad that my soon-to-be-80-year-old mother is alone for surgery, but by the time she's really clear of all the anesthetic I'll be down there.

I anticipate that this will be a no running (good for resting my knee), bad diet (too much wine with be involved), no lace (won't have time to concentrate on it), many hat trip. Good thing I bought a bunch of Malabrigo this morning!

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