Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Off shift

I never thought I'd so look forward to bedtime. My mom's bedtime. Although she's able to do more every day, I'm still with her, at her beck and cry, the whole day. Even after she's in bed I still need to help her get comfortable.

I managed 40 minutes on the exercycle today. I was only interrupted 3 times to fetch and carry. It was very nice. I never thought I'd have a "take me away, Calgon" moment while exercising but I did today. Since the majority of that time I was on my own, I'm going to try to schedule in several hours worth a little bit of exercise each day, just to give my brain a rest.

It was a lovely day here today. I heard about the freezing weather at home and boy, I'm sure glad I turned my sprinkler system on before I left. Very important that the frozen and frost damaged plants get hydrated. I think I'll have lemon slush ala tree when I finally get home. Bummer, so much for the thoughts of limoncello. Although that's mostly zest, so freezing shouldn't hurt too much.

I finished my nephew's hat. A basic malabrigo (mmmm, mmmmmalabrigo ...) 2x2 rib hat. Very soothing to knit. I've started on another hat for my sis, a Point Lobos hat in, yes, malabrigo. You'll have to imagine how they look since I don't have any way to get the pictures onto my mom's computer.

By the way, have I mentioned that my mom's computer is a Mac? Yeah, PC girl on a Mac. I dunno, it's fine but I prefer the PC. Probably because that's what I'm used to. And because I miss my own computer with all the games ...

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