Monday, January 14, 2008

Soupy Monday

Our typical winter fog is here today; the drive to work was through thick valley fog and people were surprisingly driving sensibly. Which meant a little slower than normal which gave me time to gaze around (and swear at the idiots who were trying to weave in and out of the sensible traffic). This is my favorite time of winter when the gray, black, brown and golden hills turn green. I noticed a couple of spots last week that were starting and this morning it looks like all the lower hills are that light springy green. Lovely! And it means that the days are getting (imperceptibly) longer and spring is on it's way. Ok, winter is really still in full swing, but a girl can hope, can't she?

I had lots of fun at Claudia's little gathering yesterday. The original idea was for just a couple of us to knit but it turned into a real party. Thank you Claudia! Although I got some work done on the current hat, I also started swatching the SOTSii. Because I wanted to still interact with the group I didn't even attempt to follow the chart this time. I think I'll do that later so I get used to reading a chart. I knit about 12 rows of the swatch and yikes, this stuff is hard to work with! But it knits up soft and pretty. I'm not sure but I may have to go from the size 3 needles I'm using to a size 2. I'm going to try to get another dozen rows done tonight so I can decide whether to go to the LYS and get the smaller ones. Lacy is one thing, loose is another.

Have a happy Monday-back-at-work-day!

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