Thursday, January 10, 2008

How about some yarn?

I'm tired of thinking about my knee, about my weight, about the weather. So I thought I'd throw in some yarn and finished projects. Yay!

I got my yarn today for the Secret of the Stole II knitalong. From Sarah's Yarns I got his huge hunka JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool/Silk 2/18 lace weight yarn in charcoal and it scares me to pieces. I'm looking forward to working with it but I'm just a little bit dreading it too. Don't get me wrong, it's lovely to look at and to touch. Just very delicate. I think I'll finish the hat I'm knitting before jumping in to swatch.When I ordered the yarn I went above and beyond the quantity needed for the SOTSii. Mostly because I'm a freak and was afraid of being short. Partly because it wasn't that expensive, considering I'm going to be working my fingers and eyes to a frazzle and it's worth it. The yarn is sold by the 2 ounce ball but you can special order it rolled into one large ball. That way you don't have to weave in any ends which on delicate lace is a pain. Hey, it's a pain on bulky wool. So this dainty little yarn cake is 8" x 5" x 5". My question is, do I pull from the center or will it collapse upon itself if I do that?

I haven't blocked the lace scarf I finished but that didn't stop me from taking "before" pictures. The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Night, a sparkly 57% super kid mohair, 18% silk, 10% polyester, 5% nylon in a gorgeous red shade called Dazzle. I used the entire 25g ball, approximately 227 yards. Well, that makes sense since the pattern is the Easy One Ball Lace Scarf by Song Palmese. It seems like years ago that I took her class for this at Article Pract. Whenever it was, I learned things like yo, ssk, and using a pattern. Not a chart mind you, but a pattern. It was apparently too advanced for me at the time but when I picked it back up it went very smoothly. I'm not sure which needles I started the scarf with but I ended up using 24" Options size 10-1/2 and they were perfect. I think I maybe started with Denise needles or maybe even with straights and they were impossible to knit the lace well.
Close up you can see the pattern but it will open up much more once it's blocked. I'll post the picture once it's blocked.

I sent my bro-in-law his hat last week, to keep his head warm for his last month in Pennsylvania before he moves down to Nashville. Of course, he'll be able to keep his head warm in Nashville since they've had some cold times too. It's a basic Brangelina made out of Malabrigo worsted in Black Forest. I used the entire skein except for about 4 inches; I had to reduce faster than the pattern called for because the yarn was running out.The last piece of knitting is a simple 2x2 rib scarf made from some yarn I bought in New York at School Products. This cashmere silk melange is soft and smooshy. This 75% silk, 25% cashmere yarn came in 87 yard skeins and I used all 3 that I bought. A very easy soothing pattern, enjoyable to knit while paying very little attention to it.
I have two more hats to knit and then it's going to be all SOTSii, all the time. I can't wait!

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