Sunday, January 27, 2008

It doesn't get easier

In my quest for some alone time I decided hey, my knee is f''d up anyway, why not run and have something to show a doctor. So I did a whole 20 minutes, at slow speed, no elevation, on my treadmill. It didn't feel bad while I ran but it's sore now. Great. Wasn't even two miles.

Decided I'd try knitting something more involved than a hat. I did the first 6 easy rows of the SOTSii: knit 6 rows. Then I screwed up the next row. Unknit it. Knit it again. Unknit it. Rinse and repeat. Verdict: knitting a pattern is tough when someone is not only talking to you, they expect an answer. I managed 2 whole rows of the pattern before I gave up.

My mom is healing well, as far as I can tell in my very inexpert opinion. She's also getting restless and cranky. I give her slack since she's my mom, she's old, she's injured. But I guess I'm a bad daughter because sometimes I just can't find that sweet tone of voice, or can't keep the tension from my voice.

We really really really have to find my mom a place to live ...


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