Friday, January 4, 2008

Even though we need rain

This storm is just freaking scary. My route to work this morning wasn't too bad since I think lots of schools are still out for the holiday or maybe everyone stayed home. There was a lot of standing water on the freeway but people, for the most part, were driving to suit the weather conditions. That's a change!

But it's different in my office. Our building is built strangely; the upper stories are larger than the lower stories and some of the offices float out over nothing. When it's windy it shakes. Heck, when a large truck drives through the parking lot it shakes. It's shaking big time now.

Outside my new office windows is a line of large eucalyptus trees. These suckers are blowing practically sideways with bits and pieces flying off in all directions. And it's noisy. I can hear the leaves shaking, the branches cracking, the wind howling through the cracks in our walls.

It's a perfect day to sit at home, tucked up inside a warm blanket and sipping from a hot cup of tea, watching the weather. So what am I doing here??

ETA: It's now raining IN my office. Yup, my brand new freshly painted and carpeted and ceiling-tiled office. Fuck.

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  1. eeekkk...sorry to hear about hte rain IN your office :o(