Monday, January 21, 2008

Restless in La Jolla

Havin' a great time, wish you were here. No, I really wish you were here. All of you.

My mom is doing well, for an almost-80 year old woman who just had a piece of her elbow reattached. Her arm is in a rigid brace, like a cast, so she's essentially one-armed. Luckily she broke the left elbow and the right arm is dominant. Still, there's not much she can do except eat with chopsticks. She's tired and in pain and helpless and, to be honest, whiny. I come by it honestly!

I'll be down here for the rest of the week, playing nurse, cook (stop laughing), cleaner, dresser and all round helpful hands. I got out the house twice today to run errands but mostly it's been complete attention on mom. I don't know how nurses do a 12 hour shift, I'm pooped.

Weight watching? Not so much. Exercise? Bwahahah! Good night's sleep? Maybe next week. I'm hoping that this will be good rest for my knee and I'll be able to resume running soon. I can't believe how much I miss it. And how much I miss my quiet life at home.

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  1. COME BACK AMY!!! We miss you :( You're house misses you :( All your yarn misses you :(