Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting back to routine. Again. Again.

I've realized I have less than a month now before I start training for my first triathlon and I'm scared to pieces thrilled. This means I'm going to have to kick up both my pre-training and my diet. Not my "diet" as in "so many calories per day" or a certain company's plan, but "diet" as is "what in the world have I been shoving in my mouth??"

So in light of that, Wednesday night I took myself over to the San Ramon pool and swam for almost an hour. For a warm-up I did 200m swim, 100m kick, 100m pull. Then I did 3 sets of our earlier drills: kick/drill/swim, alternating the drills. That was another 900 meters (right? 75x4x3?). I ended it with 100m swim and called it a night. My poor math skillz total that little outing to be 1400m.

The triathlon I'm preparing for is 1500m swim so I'm almost there. Hmm? You say that 25m at a time in a pool is nothing like 1500m straight? Darn, here I thought I had that part of the tri licked! Yeah, it's looking like I'm going to have to find a place where I can swim longer distances without having the nice side of the pool to kick at every turn.

Last night I met Olivia for a run on the Iron Horse. It felt like old times, back when we were training for New York. Except it was cooler than when we trained last summer. And I wasn't breathing as well. And my knee hurt. Otherwise, exactly the same! I had convinced Ms. O that we should go my pace on the outward bound direction so that we could chat, then she could take off at her own speed for the way back. The first part of the plan worked ok, we were going slow enough that it wasn't killing me, but I was pooped on the return. We walked at least a mile of the return and the running part was slower than the first half. Oh well, we got at least 2 good miles of running and 4 miles total on our feet and that counts for something.

Since we had run earlier than normal, I got home at a decent hour and was able to knit my way peacefully through a couple of hours of trashy television. Nice to watch Survivor when it's actually airing, instead of a week later on tape. The project I'm knitting is a simple scarf to see if my body can tolerate the touch of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted. It's one of the tests I'm doing to find the perfect yarn my Wonderful Wallaby. Yes, I will someday knit a piece of clothing. It's just if I'm gong to be using a gazillion skeins of expensive yarn and knitting a project for months on end, I want to be able to wear it. I love the touch of the Lorna's Laces, I'm just not sure I can keep it on my body for hours. We'll see. Even if I have to turn on the a/c to test it!

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