Sunday, May 11, 2008


Things skittering across my floor might surprise that reaction from me, but didn't this time. Saturday afternoon I opened the door from my house to my garage, opened the garage door, and stepped into the garage. And almost stepped on a snake slithering up to the house door. I leaned over and slammed the door and the snake curled into a hissing ball at the corner.

I ran over and grabbed a shovel and broom, intending to brush the little guy onto the broom and carry him out. I did not want him sneaking under the door and surprising me in my sleep ::shudder:: or in the shower or something. I ran back and tried to sweep him up and discovered he had legs; it was a lizard (or maybe a salamander), not a snake. About a foot-long skinny lizard (or salamander). Okey dokey then, the plan remained the same. Only he wasn't playing by my plan.

There are tons of (heavy) things against that wall and he ran behind everything as I worked frantically to keep him in sight and away from the inside door. At one point he even ran behind the attached sheetrock but I was able to get him out and headed in the right direction. Finally he was outside on my driveway, but still trying to get back inside.

I'd sweep him, he'd hiss and glare and scoot away and try to get back inside; over and over again. At last I swept him into the street and he headed under my neighbor's truck. I warned my neighbor and ran back and closed the garage door. My neighbor looked and looked but we didn't see the lizard (or salamander) again.

Anyone else who thinks he sneaked back inside my garage while I wasn't looking raise their hand!

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  1. *raising my hand*

    Well at least it was a lizard/salamander and not a snake. You're braver than me though, if I had any thought that it was a snake I would have ran for cover and not come out. :o)