Monday, May 19, 2008

Another little run

Tonight I met Pam for our regularly scheduled Monday night run. Olivia couldn't make it; she had too good of a weekend and wasn't feeling up to it. Heh. Kinda like I felt yesterday, I guess.

We ran our regular short short route, a little 3+ miler. It was pretty warm out, mid-80's when we started. We ran at my pace, definitely slower than last week. A couple of minutes slower total, in fact. At that point just about a mile into the run, where my knee gave out a couple of weeks ago, I got a big painful twinge. I shifted my weight a little and that made it better so I kept on running, but slowed down. Our second mile really was slow, then we sped back up for the last mile. I stretched, we chatted for a while, then we went home.

My knee is feeling pretty darn good now, probably the best it's felt after a run since this whole thing began. There's a little pain, maybe a 1 on that scale that docs are so fond of using. To me, it's amazing. My hopes are up!

Hey, I've got a mentor for next season! I was sitting here eating my dinner salad and watching a season finale when the phone rang and I considered ignoring it. I didn't recognize the name but it was local and I got curious. I'm glad I answered! We had a long talk, introduced ourselves, talked about our TnT history and trainings. I'm pretty psyched now, very excited about the new team, new mentor, new coaches, new training. Heh, she tried to talk me into doing the half IM and nuh uh, no way. Noper, my first tri will be a plain vanilla one.

Hey Phil - we're in the same group! This is going to be fun!

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  1. hmm...I didn't get a phone call yet. :o(

    how fun...we are in the same group!