Friday, May 30, 2008

Bubblewrap club

I did not start my day right. It's one thing when I trip and fall down while I'm running. It's a whole 'nother thing when I fall down when I'm ... getting my coffee in the morning.

I was early this morning so I decided to head for the Starbucks that I like, instead of the closer Safeway as I normally do. I was walking from my car, quickly since a few people were behind me, noticing that the store was crowded with people and this was going to take awhile. I should have been paying more attention to my feet since I caught my toes on the curb and tripped. I had high hopes that I'd be able to catch myself but no such luck.

Boom, down I went. I landed on my hands, my left hip, my left knee (yeah, that knee). Worst of all was the humiliation. I popped right back up again -- nothing to see here folks, move it along -- but I was shaky and trembly. At a minimum, 20 people saw me go down. The few behind me and a couple in the store asked if I was ok and I brushed it off, Joe Cool-style. "Yeah, I guess I really just need my coffee" yuck yuck. But I wouldn't take off my sunglasses so nobody could look me in the eyes. I wouldn't even look at my hands or my knee.

I finally got my latte and went back to my car. My Levi's made it through with nary a scratch. My knee wasn't as lucky. It's bruised, scraped and swollen. And it hurts.

What a klutz.

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  1. Oh no! Def. not a good thing the day before a half marathon and your first tri workout!! Take care of yourself this weekend, good luck and HAVE FUN!!!