Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bike to Work Day

Today has the unfortunate occasion of being Bike to Work Day. Why unfortunate? It's also the first Spare the Air Day in the Bay Area. That means that there isn't enough air for all the cyclists to breathe. Well no, not literally. It means that ground level ozone is expected to be at such high levels that the air is unhealthy for sensitive individuals. A goal on such a day is to reduce particulates in the air by, say, biking to work! As long as you wear an air tank or carry your inhaler.

It's also finally warm here. Warm now, hot later. At 8:00 am in Walnut Creek it was already 80 degrees. While that doesn't seem too high to people in places with naturally warm summers, you'll have to remember that the Bay Area cools down at night. A warm evening happens only a few times each summer. We're predicting triple digits of smoggy delight by this afternoon.

Perfect weather for our second outing to Shadow Cliffs! Maybe the hot air will warm the water up. Or maybe it'll just feel good by comparison!

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