Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're not talking Mellencamp

One of my favorite places to run is Danville, either on the Iron Horse Trail or the streets. Since I started running with people I've run there on at least a weekly basis (not including when I've been sidelined by aggravations, of course). It's a great place to run; safe, wide, well-lit streets or a flat trail. The short-short route that Pam and I have run for years is there and the longer versions are just variations on a theme.

It's not so safe right now. A 90 to 100 pound cougar was spotted along a creek right by where we normally run. That's one big old predator! Partially eaten remains of two possums were found and believed to have been victims of the lion. I'm hoping that the next story doesn't involve small pets or children or killing the big guy. He's out of his element but I have a feeling that the buffet table in that area has some good pickins so he'll probably stick around until he gets into trouble.

So what've you been knitting recently, you ask me? You did ask me, right? I'm not just imagining it? I'm still working on the Keep it Simple Scarf/Shawl. I'd put a link there but it's nowhere to be found online; it's a Valley Yarns pattern for an outdated Valley Yarn and Webs has apparently discontinued the pattern. Anyhoo, it's a very simple (thus the name) lacy scarf/shawl pattern with a 10 row repeat. Easy enough to take with me to Nashville and knit while on the flight. I'm using that delicious Tess superwash merino in the pink/gray that I bought at the last Stitches. The colors are beautiful in this pattern and the yarn is a joy to knit. I'm having just a bit of remorse that I didn't make it wider or narrower. Not knowing the gauge for the mysterious yarn in the pattern, I guessed and didn't guess too well. When I finish (someday) it'll be a very wide scarf. I think I have enough yarn that I could have made it wider, shawl width, but I didn't want to wind up with a fat square. And now I don't want to rip out what I have because, well, I have little enough time to knit without ripping weeks worth just to get a better size. I can't wait to finish and block it and wear it. I should be done just in time for the temperature to hit triple digits.

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