Monday, May 12, 2008

Better this week

Tonight I met Olivia and Pam for our regularly scheduled Monday night run. My plan was to run about a mile with them, at my speed, then send them on their speedy ways while I trailed behind. Not a bad plan, except for that whole rabbit problem I have. If someone I'm with or near is running fast, I'll do my best to keep up. If they're just in front of me, I try to catch them.

We started out at my speed, stopped to stretch, then started up again. Faster. Faster. Fasterfasterfaster. Mile 1 went by at 11:47; not fast for most people but too fast for my gimpy knee. Wave g'bye, send them on their way. I did slow down, some. But they were still right there, juuuuust in catching range.

My goal was to run this 3+ mile route with about a 12:45-13 minute average. And 12:19 is close, right? I'm glad that the reason I was breathing hard was because I was running hard. My knee didn't hurt nearly as much as it did last week, and still isn't feeling too bad. Not good, but not too bad. I could live with this level of pain, if that's my only choice.

I'm trying this week to not eat or drink unhealthy things. I had 2 fabulous nights of food and drink last weekend; one with Claudia and one with my mom at our new favorite restaurant. I ate oysters, a mixed seafood cocktail in la playa dressing, grilled anchovies, brandied shrimp, seafood paella, fried squid; topped with a mojito and a couple Cielo Rosso cocktails. Yum. Er, I mean "shame on me" for going that far off the plan. So this week is the restart of the good-for-me food and no (or less) booze. That's the plan until this weekend anyway. All bets off then!

And since my knee is feeling less sore I'm going for 5 workouts in 5 days. Hahahahah!

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