Monday, May 5, 2008

Passed and kept on blah blahing

Apparently I've written over 300 posts. I missed the landmark somewhere last week or the week before. Darn, I was going to have a party to celebrate! Eh, no probably not. Too many other things to keep me busy.

Speaking of keeping busy, I did my own version of a tri this weekend: run, cycle and knit. What, that's not good enough? I enjoyed it, all of it! Soon enough I'll be doing the more strenuous tri so I'll enjoy the knitting events while I can.

Saturday morning I met up with Anita and Mary Ann for an easy run along the Lafayette-Moraga Trail. It started off cool and overcast but cleared and warmed by our last couple of miles. We ran to the Senior Center and back, a total of 6 miles. I love that run because it's almost automatically negative splits, with the last mile being the fastest. Saturday was no different, we aced that last mile. It was fabulous running with the gang again, even though most of the gang was MIA. My knee? Not so good, but not so bad either. I'm slowly resigning myself to the fact that I may never run pain-free again, and those 6 miles could have been worse.

I didn't help it any by spending the next few hours gardening. I have a very low maintenance garden, but it isn't no maintenance. I pruned the lemon tree (and have the scratches and cuts from the thorns to prove it), weeded in a couple of spots, watered the dry places, tied up the peonies. I also hosed down the gazillion insects on the plants; I have a veritable bug feast growing out there. Aphids, ants (oy, are there ants), thrips, beetles, spittle bugs, gnats, moths, grasshoppers; they're all out there chowing down. I don't use any insecticide, at least I haven't for a while, but it sure is tempting. The only thing that stops me is a lot of the neighborhood cats pass through the yard, and there are lots of birds out there too. Don't want to cause any harm.

After that my knee was well and truly sore, so I iced a couple of times during the day. I'm trying to stay away from too much ibuprofen since I bruise so easily and had a glass of wine instead. At least it helped me fall asleep.Sunday morning Bree and I went for our third big bike ride. This time Mr. Garmin actually worked. Except for the altitude thing, where it's claiming we gained and lost about 1400 feet each direction. That would be a big fat no, it was more like 350. Not like we were climbing Mt. Diablo or anything. If you could actually read that chart above, the elevation is in the dark color, speed is in the purple. The reason our speed is up and down like that is that we hit every single damn stoplight as it turned red. One after another after another. Stop stop stop. Good workout for our brakes. We went 20 miles again, up and down San Ramon Valley Road from my house to Walnut Creek. I was tired afterward, but not as badly as last time. I'm improving! And my knee again felt much better after cycling than it did before I started.

The knitting was simple, mindless back and forth on my Lorna's Laces Mistake Rib scarf. I love this yarn and hope my skin will tolerate it for the Wallaby. The scarf will be much shorter than my normal scarves since I only have the one skein. I don't know how long it'll take me to finish it since I don't get too much knitting time these days.

The rest of the weekend was normal weekend stuff; laundry, errands, unpacking my mom's shit beautiful belongings, bill paying, dinner at my bro's, etc. Tired and ready to start another busy week!

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