Friday, May 16, 2008

Yay for California

Events like yesterday's state Supreme Court ruling about marriage warm my heart and make me proud to be a Californian. I agree that any constitution that guarantees any right to any person has to guarantee that right to all persons. Ditto for duties, but that's another issue entirely.

I can't understand why people feel so personally threatened by this, for other than strictly religious reasons. Yes, I think any religious group has the right to dictate their own marriage rules and regulations. It's the whole separation of church and state thing. The argument that a secular marriage is sacred is ridiculous; the divorce rate is well beyond 50% and climbing all the time. Even church marriages have a horrendously high divorce rate.

The argument about tradition is just as bad. Traditionally a marriage is between a woman and man. Ok then. Traditionally a woman was the property of a man. Traditionally people of color were the property of white men. Traditionally women couldn't work at most occupations. Traditionally only white men could vote. The fight to change those traditions were long and hard and ugly. This fight looks to be just as long and hard.

Everyone should have a right to marry his/her sweetheart. And everyone should have the right to a storybook life. And when that doesn't work, everyone should have the right to an ugly divorce!

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