Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another little swim

Tonight Claudia, Phil and I did our last pre-training swim at Shadow Cliffs. It was cold and breezy and deserted. We inched our way into the water, Phil bravely diving in and heading toward the swim lane. We decided that we'd swim 5 laps and go get warm.

The mid-buoy was still missing and the lane narrowed down to a couple of feet in the middle. After a couple of near collisions with Phil I decided to swim on the outside of the lane, along the straight edge. I worked on keeping my feet up and I can do that fine. Except then I start messing up my arms and breathing. I can't quite get them all right at once so it's good that training is just about to begin.

After we had done 6 laps Claudia kept going, so I did too. We ended up with 8 and I was icy by then. Cold hands, cold feet, cold everything. I was a few seconds faster per lap than I've been so that's good, but the teeny additional speed didn't make me any warmer.

Big weekend ahead; running, partying, swimming, cycling. It's going to be great!

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  1. yeah...stay away from Phil. He'll plow through anyone in his way.