Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your cold made me fat

A newish scientific study has discovered that adenovirus-36, a common virus from a family of viruses that cause colds in people, makes human cells turn to fat cells. After exposing liposucked stem cells to the virus, researchers found that more than half of these stem cells turned into fat cells and accumulated fats, while only a small percentage of the non-exposed stem cells did the same. The report of the study went on to say that any vaccine would be years in the blah blah blah ...

Unfortunately finding a vaccine wouldn't help in the least. Being fat is still caused by burning less calories than you consume. People, get real! No cold remedy will make you thinner. Well, unless your cold remedy is a little crank or speed or something that makes greasy residues flow uncontrollably from your body. As I know to my own dismay, different people burn calories at different rates. Some people can eat thousands of calories and sit on their ass(es) all day and be skinny as a rail, while others consume 1200 calories and run marathons and are still overweight. No, I'm not talking about anyone in particular here. There are no quick fixes, no easy ways out, no shortcuts (even with surgery), no vaccines, no medications that will change the basic formula of burn more/weigh less. I wish the media would quit jumping on these studies as if they were magic.

Magic! Maybe Harry Potter could do an abracadabra and we'd all be as thin as we'd wish! Sheesh.

I took a rest day yesterday and didn't exercise, decided my legs could use a break. It was a good idea. When my alarm went off an hour early today so that I could get up and cross train, my legs felt well enough that I thought I couldn't just turn off the alarm and sleep for another hour. So I got up, did my workout, and I feel just dandy. Of course my head will probably collapse onto my desk some time about 2pm. Hmmm, can I fit in a nap before tonight's stitch n bitch??

I decided to get started on a new knitting project since I have all that luscious yarn just sitting in my house. So what did I do? Decided to make another Temescal Bag, which uses the most incredibly boring yarn that I own. Plain old 100% feltable wool, this time in my colors of light gray, dark gray, black and red. I used a random stripe generator and I like the pattern that came out. Well, that came out on my ninth or tenth refresh of the screen. I've finished the bottom and now I just knit in circles for a while!

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  1. eeewww, leaky poopy, that is grody :O( it even tells you to carry around a change of clothes or wear dark pants :o(

    i need to lose weight but i'd rather be far then be pooping on myself and smelly