Thursday, August 9, 2007

A bad influence

Yep, that's me! I've had one-of-those-weeks and just wasn't in the mood for anything except for rest and pampering. I sent an email to Claudia and Olivia asking if they wouldn't rather get pedicures than run; no arm twisting was needed!

After work we met at a little nail salon near my office and had our feet and nails filed, buffed, rubbed, massaged, polished and treated very nicely indeed. Ahhhh, restful and refreshing and pretty toes as a result.

But that wasn't all! We needed to eat, didn't we?? We wandered down the block to Stanford's and indulged in some very non-training menu options. I started with a Pear Blossom: Absolut Pear Vodka, Midori, Apple Juice, and Fresh Bartlett Pear Puree. Yum and yum some more. It took quite a bit of restraint on my part to only have one; I would have liked about six of them. And then I would have fallen on my face and passed out so I stopped with one. I had a chopped salad. And some calamari. Because I haven't had nearly enough fried food in my diet the past several months.

The nice evening was exactly what I needed. I'm so glad we didn't run. Thank you Olivia and Claudia!

I finished my Noro hat while my mom was here (now I need a different traveling project). For the record, I used Noro Silk Garden, about one and a half skeins in color 243. I knit it with size 6 Options fixed 16" circulars. I love those needles! The hat and scarf look great together, but I probably won't be wearing them at the same time. I think I'd be too warm. Ask me again when it's not summer any longer.

I set my alarm to get up early today and do my cross training tape before work. I hit snooze once and then reset the darn thing for my regular time. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in the workout while I'm packing tonight. Bwahahahahah! Ok, maybe not.

No internet for the next several days; I'll post again on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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