Friday, August 3, 2007

We have a winner!

As we all knew I would, I broke down and ordered one of the holiday bears from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. They had sent me an email with a one week sale but I didn't think I needed a new bear. Then I couldn't decide which to get. I ended up ordering the newest member of my expanding collection, Frosty the Snowbear. I just couldn't resist his white fuzziness (and the opportunity to knit him changeable scarves). Now I need to take myself off their mailing list so this doesn't happen again! Yeah. I'll get right on that.

Pam and I ran last night despite the fact that neither of us really wanted to be there. It was still hot out and we had both had full weeks. We met again at the Park & Ride and I think that was a great decision; traffic headed to downtown Danville looked pretty heavy and we could actually hear music all the way across the freeway. As we started out I realized I had just broken a nail and it was all ragged; I told Pam we should cancel the run and I really think she would have if I had been even slightly serious. We decided instead to bag the hill and just run the flatter route and ended up with 3.2 miles. Not bad, and actually probably a better idea than pushing it a couple of days before my long run coming up. Like usual we felt better after we ran and were glad we hadn't just flaked out.

I knit a little more on the new Noro hat last night. I dunno, it may be too small. It's definitely going to take more than one skein, but it'll be at least another inch before I can tell if it'll fit or if it's going to be a gift to a child. The knitted rows speed by so fast but I'm such a slow purler. It just feels awkward to me. Depending on how much I feel like cleaning my house for my mom's visit next week, I may just finish the hat this weekend. And then yes, I'll need to figure out a new traveling project for Chicago.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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