Monday, August 6, 2007

Cool down just in time

Welcome to Monday! Doing our long run on Sunday always makes me feel like there should be another day in the weekend to recover. Sort of a SunPlusday. Anyone want to sign a petition?

The first half of my weekend wasn't very active or exciting. Friday after work I finally remembered to get my allergy shots. Probably because I was all congested. Funny how that works. Afterward I ran a couple of my normal weekend errands, figuring (rightly) that I wouldn't get them done after the run. Add in a little laundry and poof, Friday night was gone.

Saturday was just about as exciting. I straightened and cleaned the house for my mom's impending visit, did some paperwork, filing and computer updating, uploaded all my current knitting pictures to Flickr, got everything ready for my run and poof, Saturday was gone.

The alarm went off early on Sunday morning. I was happy to note that it was pretty cool and it looked overcast. Yay! I switched my tank top for a short sleeved running shirt and threw the tank top in my bag in case it got hot. On my way to the run I got a call from Bree saying that she wasn't going to run with us, too much fun on Saturday for her to get up that early. Anita and Sandy were right on time though.

It was completely overcast on the Alameda Creek Trail in Fremont. Normally when we do a long run there we run east first, then west, so that the wind will be at our backs on the last part of our run. I switched that up because I was afraid of heat and sun and running out of water; there's a fountain about 3.5 miles east of where we stage so we could fill up there. I had decided, again because of heat considerations, that we would run 8 miles to the west and back, then 8 miles east and back, then do the last 2 with the wind at our back.

The first 8 went really well, if a little quicker than I'd hoped. We got back to the cars (and moved them into the lot which had been closed when we arrived), re-fueled, and took off east. The wind was really picking up at this point and it looked like the clouds might be clearing up. When we got closer to our 4 mile turnaround we decided to go to the end and just do all 10 of our miles in that stretch. Otherwise those last 2 miles would have been pretty tough to get back out and run.

We ran:walked a 9:1 for the first 14 miles, then switched to 4:1. We were running into a pretty stiff headwind at that point and my breathing, which hadn't been too good to start with, got pretty bad. Plus, my sinuses were having a stuffy day and it felt like someone had turned on a faucet in my head (TMI?). And, we were getting tired, hungry and cranky. We pounded out the miles until the last walk break, then decided to just walk the final quarter mile or so as a cool-down. We were beat!

We were all pretty stiff and sore when we finished, par for the course when you run 18 miles for the first time in a long time. After hanging around stretching, etc. we all took off for hot showers, food and naps. It's funny how the day before I was blasting the air conditioning in my car and after the run I blasted the heat and turned on my seat heater. I love the seat heater, it kept my legs from cramping from the cold.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur; napping, more laundry, reading the Sunday paper, napping, eating, napping. For some reason my knee was hurting. It felt (and feels today) not so much as if I had hurt it running but as if I had smacked it into something and bruised it (which is possible, I never remember when I walk into things). It was sore and tender to the touch so I got out the frozen corn and iced periodically during the day. I don't know what I did but I guess it's time for the advil and more ice.

I did manage to throw in some knitting this weekend. I worked on the Noro hat and no, it won't be my traveling project because it'll be either done or almost done by then. I've tried it on and it fits pretty well. I'm decreasing now and I'm going to make up my own decreases since I don't want the pointy top that's in the pattern. It's going to take about 1-1/2 skeins, maybe a little more. I'll be happy to get back to some soft yarn, this last skein has been full of scratchy little bits and pieces. Y'know, classic Noro stuff!

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