Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It was a typical Monday

The heatwave is coming but not quite here in full force yet. When Pam and I started our run last night it was in the upper 80's; when we finished it was in the upper 70's. It's already in the mid-70's, early in the morning. I can already tell from the brownish horizon and the still trees that the next few days will be scorchers.

Our run last night went well enough. We ran our usual short short route, out on the streets and back on the trail. Mr. Garmin told me it was 3.3 miles which is a bit longer than it normally is for the same route. Did I not cut corners as usual? I dunno, maybe it's just the satellite was more or less correct than it usually is. Maybe the impending lunar eclipse had something to do with it. Right. Anyway, our run. Pam was in remarkably good condition after her long run but my legs are still feeling tired and achy. We tried to take it easy but my legs weren't cooperating; they kept speeding up as if they wanted the whole run over and done with.

I think I may have hit on a source for some of my current leg discomfort. I had thought it was switching around my running shoes, breaking in new pairs of the same exact model shoe I've been wearing for a couple of years. Maybe one pair wasn't quite right or something, although I haven't had a single problem in the past. Then I realized that I actually walk around during the day too, when I'm not wearing running shoes. I think my problem is I've been wearing sandals all summer without any arch support, just trying to keep my tootsies cool. I have to dig into my closet to see if any of my sandals have support, otherwise I think my legs will keep hurting. Hopefully getting arch support during the day will help my legs.

I knit more on the Temescal Bag last night. I'm definitely going to run out of black before I'm done with the current black stripe. I think I'll substitute the dark gray for the black, since I have so much. I could always switch in a different yarn, either Cascade 220 or maybe Wool of the Andes, but I'm afraid there will be different felting rates and it will screw up the shape of the bag. I can use either of those when I knit the straps though. Other than running out of a color, it's coming along great. Pure, mindless knitting in circles, always a nice change. Just what I needed for my hour of knitting last night after I finally finished the run, ate dinner and got off the phone.

The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is Triplets. I can't remember where I got these three pretty little bears. They're tiny, each just a few inches tall, and sit on top of the cabinet where I keep the Charm Bears. They don't even have individual names, although I'm willing to auction off naming rights for a good cause!

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