Friday, August 24, 2007

Frabulous Friday

For some reasons this seems like a very long week. Very very long. I must need to talk more about yarn! We've seen this picture before, it's all my yarn from Stitches. I thought I'd let you know about the non-red, non-gray yarns I got.
That lovely blue yarn that stands out on the right is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, 100% superwash in Devon. We were told that was pronounced with the accent on the last syllable, not the first. This is soft, fabulous yarn. I don't know what I'll do with it but I like to touch the skein. Maybe mitts, maybe a hat. I want it right next to my skin.

In the middle of the picture is another Lorna's Laces, this one Lion and Lamb, 50% silk, 50% wool in Black Purl. Buttery soft (their description) and silky and great texture and smells great. It will probably turn into a lacy scarf or wrap.

The gorgeous multi-colored hunk o' yarn at the top of the page is Blue Moon's Twisted, 100% merino, in Fire on the Mountain. The skein is 560 yards so I can do something wonderful with it. When I get to it.

The deep blue (with some purple) skein underneath the Twisted is Valley Yarns Belle, 100% silk dyed by Kangaroo Dyer. In the light it has a wonderful sheen and the colors are deep and true. No idea what I'll do with this, probably (another) lacy scarf.

At the top left are several -- are they balls? skeins? -- of Valley Yarns Northampton, 100% worsted weight wool, in red, black and two shades of gray. I'm using these right now for my Temescal Bag and the yarn is knitting up beautifully. The pattern calls for double stranding and at first I just used the outside strand and pulled a strand from the middle. Wow, big mistake. I had horrible twisting and tangling problems so I wound the rest of the balls/skeins. Since the pattern is basically knitting in circles it should go fast.

I'm not sure if I've already mentioned the great big hank of blue/green/black yarn next to the Northampton. It's Brooks Farms Duet, 55% mohair and 45% wool. The colors are different depending on the light with the blues dominant. Gorgeous and cuddly yarn. I'll probably do a mistake rib pattern scarf of this. Or maybe I'll just hug the yarn.

Whew, I feel better already!

Last night Pam and I met for our run. It was probably in the low 80's when we started, cooling a bit while we ran. We took an option on our run, following a different street than we normally do. It was fun seeing something different, looking at other areas in the neighborhood where we've been running for years. We ended up with 3.6 miles and I'd tell you how long it took except I forgot to stop my watch. Oopsie. As I was driving home I heard Mr. Garmin give out a loud beep telling me I had completed 4 miles. I think I stopped the watch and then accidentally hit the start button when I got in the car. Should improve my average time for the run since I was going about 65 mph!

My mom is back in town, trying to decide whether or not to buy the new place in Rossmoor that she's supposed to be buying. Seriously, one day she's excited and the next she wants to flat-out cancel. She has to decide today, and sign off on the inspection report and sign a bazillion papers. My bro the attorney is with her, he wants her to buy, so I think when I see her at the end of the day she'll have decided that it's going to be her new home. But I wouldn't bet any money on it. Not even a nickel.

Short run planned for tomorrow, just 8 miles. Heh, I love saying that 8 miles is a short run. We're off to see the cows at Inspiration Point, wish me luck!


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