Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hot boring Thursday

I had a great time after work yesterday. Claudia and Olivia and I blew off our run because of the heat (local thermometers showed it was 106 degrees in Walnut Creek!) and the poor air quality. Olivia and I got wonderful soothing pedicures and Claudia met us there while our nails were drying. We decided to go for Japanese food, and the closest place was in a little strip mall down the street.

Even though it's a block from my office, and has been there for several years, I've never managed to eat there so I was excited to try this new (to me) sushi joint. The food was very good and plentiful indeed, although the service last night was incredibly slow for a mostly empty restaurant. I never know if the maki is going to be little tiny things or big ol' fat rolls so being very hungry I ordered three rolls. Turns out this is one of the big ol' fat roll restaurants. I had the spider roll, Philadelphia roll and a the special tuna roll. [And why is it that every single time I type "roll" it ends up "rool" instead? ] I ended up taking home six pieces; half of the salmon and tuna. It'll be very tasty after my run tonight. Thank you ladies, it was a great evening. We'll have to keep doing this even after we don't need an excuse not to run! Because I just know that you're not going to continue running with me on Wednesdays after New York, right??

After dinner I went to the hospital to visit a friend who had just gotten a brand new knee. Man, he's in some terrible pain, despite having a snootful of good drugs. I kept kidding him that he didn't take enough illicit drugs in his youth or he'd be better able to manage the side effects of the narcotics. He replied that he's probably the only person I know who's never even tried to smoke a single joint and -- yeah, I couldn't think of anyone else I knew who hasn't tried it ever. Or any other drugs. He never even drank alcohol, although in the past few years he's starting having a beer on very special occasions. See people, you have to think of it as training!

When I got home last night my house was hot and stuffy. I opened the windows and doors and realized it was still hot and stuffy outside, despite being about 9:15 pm. So I closed up everything and turned on the a/c. PG&E is going to love me this month. I like being warm but that was too much for even me. The heat wave continues today, temps in the upper 80's early in the day. I hope we're able to run tonight but it's not looking good. There still isn't even the slightest breeze, the sky around the horizon is light brown. Still, quiet, hot; earthquake weather!

I finished the body of the Temescal Bag last night, substituting the dark gray for the last black stripe. I've decided I'm going to do the same type strap that I used on the first bag; tapering down to a plain flat strap instead of a big i-cord. What I haven't decided is what coloring to use, whether I want striped straps, and whether I want the straps to match. I'm pretty sure I'll finish it, including felting, this weekend.

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