Thursday, August 2, 2007

A bear addict's lament

I spent 43 hours last night getting my hair unhighlighted and cut. Oh wait, maybe it was really just 3 hours. Yup, three hours sitting on my ass while someone played with my hair. Being pampered for a while is nice, but sitting there with noxious fumes permeating your skull can get old quickly. I waited until the last minute to decide whether I was going to cut it short again or let it grow out. They both have benefits: short hair looks better but takes much longer to make it look that way; long hair can go in a ponytail to get it out of my face, but doesn't flatter too much. Since I like to spend all of about 3 seconds grooming my hair in the morning I decided on the easy solution, do nothing, let it grow until I get sick of it. Since I'm at least a few months away from ponytail length and I'm also letting my bangs grow out I'm going to be having some pretty bad hair days (months) in my future. At least I like the color, for now. The brassy reddish highlights are gone, thanks to not one but two applications of stinky stuff on my head. And sitting there for 43 3 hours.

I didn't have much time for anything once I finally got home but I did manage to knit a little on the Noro hat. Now I'm afraid it's going to be too small, where the other one was too big. I'll need about 12 more rows until I can tell for sure whether it'll have to be ripped out. I don't want to knit too much of it since it'll make a great traveling project. Knowing me I'll finish it before next week and have to think of something different to take to Chicago. I have lots of ideas (and lots of yarn) for what I want to do next, but for traveling I like something simple and small.

I was hoping since I missed last night's run that my legs would feel all wonderful. Not so much, my hamstrings are starting to get sore from yesterday morning's working. Geesh, miss one week of squats and stuff and you pay for it. I'm going to re-double my efforts to do that workout at least weekly. I also need to get to work on the other half of my body, I've really neglected it for running. I'm looking forward to running tonight and I hope it's cooler than it's been the last few nights.

I'm already noticing the days getting shorter again. The late daylight seems to only last about 3 weeks around here, then it rapidly disappears. I only mind because I'd much rather run with sunglasses than with a headlamp. Whine whine whine, hmm? It'll be more of an issue in the early morning when we do our longest runs. One of which will be this weekend, a 17-18 miler.

My favorite dealer merchant sent me an email about a sale they're having. Vermont Teddy Bear is having a close-out sale on their holiday bears. I'm not quite sure why, maybe they're coming out with new models. Sending me an email like that is like offering crack to an addict. I've just gotta get me some. I justify the price in ohsomany ways, like "it's the same as buying 2 skeins of Cider Moon yarn" or "it's only 3 weeks of lattes" or "free shipping" or "I really need another bear in my house." Ok, maybe not that last one. My problem now is deciding which to get, since apparently I've already decided that I just have to have one. Hey, did I mention free shipping too? Now my problem is deciding which one.

The Caroler Girl is gorgeous, and the best deal at the sale price since she was the most expensive to start with. The Papa bear in his jammies with his own little mouse is as sweet as they come. But the Snowman Bear is funny and comical and special with his long white fur. I don't have a white bear. And I could knit him little gloves and booties and a new scarf.

Oh yeah, I've got a problem. I should just put my faith in a higher power (American Express?) and move on. My name is Amy and I'm addicted to soft fuzzy squishy adorable stuffies. Do you think they have meetings for this?

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