Friday, March 7, 2008

Swimming solo

We all know that despite the fact that I love to run, if I'm not meeting someone after work I'm just as likely to stay home with my bottom firmly glued to the sofa. I was afraid that swimming would be the same, since the first time Claudia couldn't make our scheduled swim I didn't go either. Last night was a swim night and I knew Claudia had other plans and wouldn't be there. My brain and body wanted nothing more than to nap for a long time, then go to bed. But I got up, put on the swimsuit and drove over to the pool. I did our full set of drills all by myself and felt just like a big girl. Maybe I've proved something to myself and now I'll be able to get out there and do my workouts, even if I'm alone.

Or maybe I just felt like swimming last night.

We lose an hour on Sunday when daylight savings time resumes. Wouldn't it be nice it we could chose which hour to lose? I'd be very happy giving up the house cleaning hour. Or maybe the grocery shopping hour or the physical therapy leg exercise hour. I certainly don't want to lose a knitting hour, or a reading the Sunday paper hour, or the taking my nephew shopping for a belated Hanukkah present hour. Or the eating hour or a sleeping hour. Good thing it doesn't work that way!

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