Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Full moon madness

Is it just me, or are people even crazier today than they normally are? I'm trying very hard to keep my nice on and believe me, it's a bit of a struggle. I feel like someone has to jump out and tell me I've been punked because otherwise, today is too strange.

But at least tonight we've got Stitch n Bitch to celebrate! Yay and I can use some good yarning. I'm having a small group of the ladies over tonight and we'll eat good food, drink excessive amounts of good wine and knit. I think instead of tempting the yarn gremlins with fumble-fingered wine induced clumsiness I'll just play with my Malabrigo. I had two big bins of only Malabrigo but then shopping and Stitches West happened. I was totally unable to cram the new purchases into the bins and so I bought another. Well, two actually. Room for the yarn to breathe. I think I'll just rearrange the yarn tonight while everyone else knits. And feels envy for my wondrous stash.

Last night was a treadmill night and I bumped it up from 3 sets of 4 minutes walking/6 minutes running to 2 minutes walking/8 minutes running. My knee was a little achy beforehand (it's always just a little achy these days, I think it's the deep tissue work by my therapist so I ignore it) and the first couple of sets didn't make it hurt any more or less. About 2 minutes before I was done I got an excruciating sharp jolt of pain that just came and went so I was able to pretend it didn't happen and finished up. Then I did all the stretches and the leg exercises and iced, just like I'm supposed to do.

Today my knee doesn't feel any different than it did yesterday; a little achy and just not right. I'm getting plenty sick and tired of all of this. It's supposed to be ALL BETTER by now! I've been a patient patient and followed all instructions and done everything and it doesn't seem to be any different than when I started this rigamarole 6 weeks ago. I want to go back to running more than 20 minutes at a time, preferably 10-20 miles at a time instead. I don't want to even think about my knee. I want it to be a non-issue. Wah.

It must be the moon.

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