Friday, March 28, 2008

Sunny spring days

There is one thing sure to bring a smile to my face. I love the sight of our deep green spring hills. I love the fields of mustard shining in the sun and blowing in the wind. I love the deep purple blue spikes of lupine. I love the clumps of bright orange California poppies signaling warmth and long days to come. I've been seeing all this every morning on my way to work and it starts the day off right.

It's been a bit deceptive though. It's actually only about 40 degrees right now, not really a warm spring day. The light breeze looks like it's going to become a heavy wind and it's even possible we're going to get some rain. That's fine, it'll wash the yellow pollen off everything save me from having to water my lawn.

I'm officially declaring the experiment of regular twice daily exercising a failure. I just can't get up that early day after day. While I'm used to sleeping poorly and averaging 6 or so hours of sleep per night (even though I need 8), getting less than that regularly turns my brain to tapioca. I drag all day and I don't feel that by the afternoon I can be responsible for any work or decision - which isn't very good for my job when I'm as busy as I've been. And doing the legsercises twice daily makes not one iota of a difference in how my knee feels. So I'm going to back to only doing a weekday morning workout when I know I can't exercise that night.

That didn't happen this morning. Although I know I'll be busy tonight I couldn't talk myself into getting up and treadmilling before work. My knee is pretty sore from yesterday but I don't know if it's the fault of therapy or swimming. So I reset my alarm and got another 45 minutes sleep. It surprisingly made a big difference in how I felt when I finally got up.

Last night Sandy joined me for a swim. I instructed her in all the drills Claudia and Phil and I have been doing and told her each lap what do do on the next lap. We only did 2 sets of the drills instead of 3, since Sandy hadn't been swimming in a long time. And since it was cold and I was tired and ready to take any excuse available. I was a tough taskmaster and afterward Sandy told me I suck. You're welcome! Heh. I miss her telling me that after we've finished a long run that I scheduled.

I think my physical therapist is about to fire me. My knee isn't improving and he doesn't quite know what to do next. I have one more appointment then I'll go see the doctor again. I have a feeling I'm just going to have to deal with the pain and hope it magically goes away. I'm sad and frustrated and really want to run long distances again.

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