Thursday, March 6, 2008


Today was my last regularly scheduled PT appointment and it went well. So well that I got to schedule more appointments, weekly for the next month. I think my therapist just doesn't trust that I'll be sensible on my own about my return to running. Gee. Wonder where he got that idea.

Maybe it was when he said I could increase my walk/run to a run/walk and be at full running, for a short distance, in a few days. I had to push it and ask if I could run a 12k in 2 weeks. He gave me a look and said maybe, possibly, if I didn't have any problems before then and treated it as my long run and took it easy. Heh. Take it easy. That's how I do most of my runs. So I was thrilled beyond words at the thought that I could make such a quick comeback and then I got to the office and realized that the race isn't in 2 weeks, it's in 10 days. Whoopsie. Maybe I just won't tell him it's about a week sooner than I'd thought. Or maybe I'll use the common sense I was born with and do the right thing. Any guesses which path I'll take?

Hey, remember when I was knitting? It feels like I haven't done any since Stitches West - as if I burned out with all that yarn. No, I just haven't had any knitting time except for maybe a row here, a row there. At an average of 2 rows per evening, not much to write about. Maybe I'll get some done tonight!

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